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In the UK today, the link between how much your family earn and how well you do in school and in life is stronger than almost anywhere in the developed world. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Teach First is a charity working to end educational inequality. We believe inspirational teaching and leadership is key to helping every child succeed, regardless of their background. Since 2002 over 7000 graduates have joined the Teach First Leadership Development Programme (LDP) in schools across England and Wales and helped change the lives of thousands of young people in low-income communities.

Some people join us knowing they want to stay in education; some are sure that they don’t; and others are uncertain about their plans. All of them find the experience of our Leadership Development Programme to be powerful, rewarding and enlightening. And all are changed by it.

Apply now for the 2015 cohort and join 2000 other graduates committed to ending educational inequality. Education has the power to transform lives. So do you.

  • www.teachfirst.org.uk/careers