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Renishaw plc is a UK company, based 20 miles north of Bristol, which employs over 3,500 people worldwide, to supply and support its global base of customers. Renishaw has a strong global presence, with more than 70 offices in 32 countries and some 93% of our sales are made outside the UK. Renishaw specialises in metrology, the science of measurement. We manufacture a comprehensive range of high-precision probing systems and accessories, calibration and measuring systems and other innovative products which enable customers worldwide to carry out dimensional measurements to traceable standards.

Renishaw has also been investing in the development of additional applications for new market sectors based upon its core metrology expertise. The additional investment has been focused on the healthcare sector and products for the dental and neurosurgical markets, together with our spectroscopy product offerings.

We believe in UK manufacturing and assembly, so when you work on products, you’ll be involved in making them a reality right here in the UK. You’ll be able to follow your work through every step of the production process from machining raw materials and populating PCBs to assembling and testing finished goods. You’ll have direct customer contact through our wholly-owned subsidiary sales network as your designs are exported and sold around the globe.

Renishaw also invests heavily in research and development, to develop new products and processes to maintain the long-term growth of the group. Around 15% of Renishaw’s annual sales revenue is invested in R&D and product engineering, enabling the company to diversify into a number of different market sectors.

  • www.renishaw.com