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Established in 1990, CHP has grown steadily and had a turnover of over £30.6m in 2012.
Our clients include top banks, equipment manufacturers and finance companies such as Bank of America, Barclays Asset Finance, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, HBOS, Hitachi Capital, ING Lease, Lloyds TSB, National Australia Group, RCI Financial Services, Royal Bank of Scotland and Textron Financial.

CHP was named in The Sunday Times’ Best 100 Small Companies to Work For in 2005 and 2006, and has received the Best Companies Accreditation from 2007 to 2013. We were first awarded the Investors in People standard in 2005 and met the Silver standard in 2013.

Our London office houses consultants through the five-week induction. This is the site most people who work in the UK come back to at some point during the week, to catch up with what’s going on and talk to friends on different projects. The bulk of the week is spent on client sites and these are as close as Surrey or as far-flung as Sydney and Los Angeles. It’s not everyone’s desire to work on the other side of the world, so we don’t enforce this - it’s a personal choice and we respect that.

Through the first few years of your career, you can expect to work on the different parts of our standard project lifecycle. The usual starting place will be learning to develop our product; so you’ll be doing software development on the client site or in the London office. This gives you an understanding of what the product is doing, while allowing you to get to grips with the technologies we use and the finance or business side of the role. After this you’ll move through software design, user acceptance testing, training, data migration, requirements gathering and business process re-engineering.

While you are busy filling your head with knowledge, you will no doubt be keen to indulge in the other aspects of CHP life - the fun stuff! One of the most common comments we hear from our people is that they have never worked with such a good bunch of people and that is something we are both proud of and keen to encourage. You will find a sociable group of colleagues with a wide array of interests, including running, football, rugby, surfing, squash, fine dining and photography to name but a few. CHP faces can regularly be seen in a local bar of an evening - which can be ideal when you first move to London, and maybe don’t know many people.

Company events such as football tournaments and karting challenges take place throughout the year and projects have their own milestone celebrations on a regular basis. Depending on the achievement, this could be a meal and drinks at a London hotspot, skydiving in Spain or relaxing in the natural spas of Norway. The highlight of the year is without doubt however the annual conference. Whether this is in Monte Carlo, Dubai or somewhere closer to home, it never fails to produce lots of fun and memorable stories.

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