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Schlumberger is the world's largest oilfield services company, providing the most complete range of oilfield services from surface seismic to drilling, formation evaluation, well completion and stimulation services, production optimization, reservoir studies, well construction and integrated project management.

Each day, in more than 85 countries, we help our customers find and produce oil and gas. Through our wellsite operations and in our research and engineering facilities, we work to develop products, services and solutions that optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner. With a history and culture of science and innovation, we invent, design, engineer, and apply technologies that help customers explore and produce in remote and challenging locations.

Every year we hire more than 5,000 graduates and we provide the training and support they need to succeed. When you join Schlumberger as a trainee you follow a three year, fixed-step training program. No matter what your background, we ensure you have the right training to develop quickly and advance in your role. The training program blends technical, safety, personal development, business and managerial courses, and on-the-job validated training. Our high-quality training is fundamental to both your success and the success of our business.
We employ more than 125,000 people from more than 140 countries and we benefit from the diversity of their thought, background, and knowledge. We invest more than a billion dollars every year in research and engineering as the demand for energy continues to increase, and new ideas, techniques, and solutions are needed to solve the challenges our industry presents. We have a multitude of career opportunities that will enable you to prove your abilities from the first day of work. At Schlumberger career development is diverse and you can advance; whether you want to stay on a technical career path, or move into other areas or countries. There are almost endless projects to get stuck into and we'll give you the training and support you need to take on complex engineering and technical challenges.

No. of Graduate Positions this year:

200+ for the UK, 3000+ Globally

Total number of company employees:


Careers that we recruit for:

We offer three distinct career paths:

Field Engineering: The front line of our industry. You will work directly with the client and provide services and data from some of the world's toughest environments. You will enter an intense training program in preparation for this challenge. Required: Bachelors or Masters degree in engineering or applied science and a sense of adventure!

Research, Development & Manufacturing: It's your chance to share ideas, win patents and make a real impact. You'll help develop the technologies and software that make everything we do possible. Required: Masters or Doctorate degree in engineering, computer science or applied sciences.

Petrotechnical: It's where your expertise can help shape the future of energy. You'll work closely with clients to provide the expertise that makes a difference. Required: Bachelors, Masters, or PhD in petroleum engineering, geosciences, or computer science


We operate in 85 countries globally and have many UK locations including, Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, London, Southampton, Stonehouse, Abingdon, Cambridge and Belfast

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