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Dyson engineers fix everyday problems with new solutions. In just over two decades, they’ve invented a vacuum cleaner without a bag. A fan with no blades. A hand dryer that doesn’t use heat. And more recently, the world’s first truly intelligent robot vacuum. All powered by the digital motor they designed at our research and development facility in Wiltshire, UK (just like all of our machines). But at Dyson, we never stand still. And there are still a lot of problems left to solve.

At Dyson, whether in a graduate role or on a placement, our engineering division is about getting extremely hands-on. Not getting bored. In fact, last year one of our research interns found herself presenting her ideas to our chief engineer. (That’s James, in case you didn’t know.) Inside our top-secret Research, Design and Development Centre, the brightest engineering minds in the UK continually push the boundaries of science and technology – building better machines than anyone has ever built before. Smarter robots. Faster motors. Quieter aerodynamics. And you should be working alongside them. Having your ideas heard. Not making the tea.

Internship Applications: October - November
Graduate Applications: November - January

We’re looking for the next generation of young engineering talent that will help shape future Dyson technology. So if you’ve got what it takes, give us a call on 01666 836140.

  • www.careers.dyson.com